CGDU has acquired a wealth of experience in the design and rehabilitation of road systems. The techniques we use for designing and rehabilitating road systems guarantees they will withstand our climate's particularly difficult conditions and ensures the comfort and safety of users in accordance to current standards.

We believe the identity of a new project is primarily determined by the quality and refinement of its infrastructures. Always mindful that it will become a living environment, we work in close collaboration with urban planners, and strive to design development plans that will foster the full potential of an undeveloped site. For rehabilitation mandates, evaluating urban planning aspects of the project can be just as important as evaluating its practical aspects. Sometimes, taking the time to think about the different possibilities will give us a golden opportunity to add to the charm of a neighbourhood.


Our Offices

435, St-Charles avenue, Suite 200
Vaudreuil-Dorion (Quebec)  J7V 2N4

Phones: 450-455-8285 * 1-877-455-8285    
Fax: 450-455-3088


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